Maximum Reach, Minimal Work

The Professional

Take the weight off your shoulders.

Have a Home Listing Coordinator and licensed home selling specialist do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll reach the most buyers in the least amount of time, and get expert guidance pricing your home, reviewing offers, and negotiating to secure the best deal possible.

  • Your listing on the leading home search sites.

    Showcase your home on and the MLS, where 89 percent of homes sold are listed.

  • Unlimited listing photos, including 25 professional photos.

    A professional photographer will help you showcase your home in the best way possible.

  • Expert home valuation to set the right asking price.

    Your licensed home selling specialist will do a thorough review of your home so you don’t leave money on the table.

  • Coordination of all buyer inquiries and negotiations.

    We review all offers and provide guidance so you’re confident in your decisions.

  • State-specific legal forms included.

    Rest easy knowing you have all the forms and guidance needed to complete your sale.

  • Home title review and troubleshooting in select states.

    Avoid any surprises about your home’s ownership history that could prevent you from selling.

  • High-visibility Rocket Homes yard sign.

    Receive your yard sign from national brokerage Rocket Homes and make a strong impression on potential buyers.

The Professional
$399Up Front
$499Upon Closing

Get unrivaled support to handle every aspect of your home sale.

Call 1-888-FOR-SALE (367-7253) to learn more.

The Professional – Disclosures:

The Professional. Cost: Up front listing and upon closing fees paid to plus any MLS buyer broker/agent fees and commissions paid at closing. Term: 6 months. It provides you with a listing on an available local multiple listing service (“MLS”) for six (6) months. Your listing on the Site and your MLS listing are activated separately.

MLS rules require that a broker/agent list your home on the MLS; you cannot do this yourself. A real estate broker/agent from our partner, Rocket Homes Real Estate LLC, will contact you to contract with you separately, and that broker/agent will arrange to have your house appear on the MLS. The listing brokerage engaged by to fulfill these listings is a trusted and thoroughly vetted partner of, Rocket Homes Real Estate LLC. You are responsible for reviewing, understanding and correctly completing all paperwork and complying with any terms and conditions of all agreements necessary and applicable to your local MLS prior to your listing becoming viewable in your local MLS. You must comply with all requests from your listing broker/agent. At closing you may have to pay (i) the local MLS buyer’s agent commission, typically 2-3% of the sale price of the Property. Please refer to the listing agreement with your Broker for exact percentage to be paid a Buyer’s agent at closing. The percentages vary from state to state. Georgia residents may be subject to an additional 0.12% MLS surcharge at close of escrow. Refer to Section 14 for information on refunds.

The terms of any agreement between you and any real estate broker/agent are not endorsed, recommended or otherwise known by and do not change, alter or modify any of the terms agreed to between you and You should carefully review and approve all MLS property listing details and information prior to publication.

MLS services may be subject to additional fees and/or restrictions based on, among other things, changes in law, regulations, MLS rules or the third parties with which may contract. The MLS Service expires after six months. You will receive an email notification prior to the expiration date., does not provide real estate brokerage services in connection with your property listings. NOTE: THE LICENSED BROKER/AGENT FOR YOUR LOCAL AREA MAY REQUIRE CERTAIN FEES OUTLINED IN THE LISTING AGREEMENT IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE LAW OR MLS RULES. All MLS listings require a buyer’s agency commission if a seller’s real estate broker assists you in finding a buyer and/or if your buyer is represented by a broker/agent. Neither the Service nor these Terms are a solicitation for a listing broker if your property is already listed with a broker.

You may make pricing or status changes (e.g., sold, under contract) to a MLS listing free of charge. All change orders for a MLS listing must be in writing. Certain fees may apply in order to remove a MLS listing prior to six (6) months.

You may extend a MLS Listing for additional six (6) month periods by paying an additional fee per six month period. There may be additional fees that apply depending on the geographic location of your property and your local MLS’s rules and regulations.

The MLS Service is subject to modification without notice to you. If you object to any modifications to the MLS Service, your sole and exclusive recourse shall be to stop using the MLS Service. The MLS

Service is considered a separate purchase, even when purchased in a package, and is treated as a separate service for refunds. See Section 14 regarding refunds.